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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my website.
My name is Yoko Shinobu, a freelance Japanese translator and interpreter in Japan.

Main Fields of Expertise
My main fields are mostly Legal and Finance from Business Contracts, Agreements, Last Will and Testament, Annual Reports, BS, PL Statement, Certificate of Birth, Certificate of Marriage, Articles of Incorporations, Constitutes, Personal Letters, Resume, Cover Letters, etc.
(for international marriages and establishing branch offices in overseas)

Document Types Language Pairs Price Delivery
Resume, Employment History,
Cover letter
E > J
J > E
40.00 USD/ Up to 400 words 2-5 business days
General Correspondence E > J
J > E
From 9 USD per source word
Minimum charge is 10 USD
1-3 business days
Transcripts E > J
J > E
40 USD/ Up to 400 words 2-3 business days
(Koseki, Passports, Driver's License, etc.)
E > J
J > E
Starts from 30 USD 1-3 business days
Business Agreements, Contracts E > J
J > E
50 USD/ Up to 400 words 2-5 business days
Car Inspection Certificate (Shakensho), etc E > J
J > E
From 50 USD 2-5 business days
Kanji Inquiries (Reading/Pronunciation) E > J
J > E
Starts from 10 USD 1-3 business days
Karate, Aikido Certificate of Initiation J > E From 50 USD 2-5 business days

For quotation, please contact at

Translation of Resume, C.V., Cover Letter into Japanese
I feel the culture difference most when I do the translation of resumes, CV, cover letters into Japanese.
It is important to remain one's self assertion and strong points in the translation. However, Japanese has special way of expressing one's background in a polite and modest way. This is so called honorific language (Keigo). I try to remain original strong points as much as possible and still make it sound like polite Japanese.

Translation of Certificates
Translation of birth certificates, marriage certificate, family register (koseki tohon) is often required for visa applications. This procedure requires faithfulness and accuracy for its public purposes. I translate these documents word for word to comply with the original meaning. I also translate Company Registers (certificate of good standing, Registered Company Informations), Physician's License, Degree Certificates, Alien Registration Records,Tax Certificates, Resident card, etc.

Translation of Agreements, Contracts
Understanding the full context of agreements between international companies is indispensable for business trading. Agreements and Contracts are written by unique expressions based on the local backgrounds. By reading the contracts, we can acknowledge the difference of culture and the way of thinking in local area. It is essential to understand the contents of agreements and get a grip of where the responsibility lies for warranties, product liabilities, freight fees, copyrights, etc. I translate agreements accurately and make it simple for the readers.

Interpretation Service
I can also assist your visit to Japan (Fukuoka, Kyushu, Osaka, Kyoto) as an interpreter for business meetings, interviews, auditing, factory visiting, etc. I can also collect information about Japanese trends, games, TV shows, animations, etc. for your Japanese culture research on behalf of you.
Please feel free to contact me or you can simply send the documents to for quotation.
My resume is available from here.
If you need interpreter in Kansai, West Japan area(Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Shiga, Hiroshima ,Okayama, Fukuoka)
I can assist your visit to Japan.

Kanji (Chinese characters) Reading Help
If you want to know the meaning of Kanji or pronunciation, I can answer it by email or skype.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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